Thursday, April 30, 2009

EBay Coupons

I went to my favorite coupon website yesterday, Coupons by Dede (look to the right for a link to this website) to look for coupons. The coupon I wanted was sold out (the $1 off 1 Kelloggs cereal coupon). So, I did something I have never done before...I went to eBay, found this coupon, and bought 20 of them for $5. The seller is supposedly mailing them out today and when they come, I will be able to buy 20 boxes of Kelloggs cereal for .67 each! I just hope they get here by next Tuesday while the 3/$5 sale is going on! I plan on buying some of the cereals at Price Chopper and then hopefully taking the ad to Walmart to buy additional boxes. EBay is more expensive than Coupons by Dede, but hopefully worth it in this case. My cereal rations were totally decimated during my 3-months of being confined to my bed and this will be a great way to build it up again. I'll let you know how it goes!

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Howland Home said...

Great tip, I never would have thought to check ebay! Thanks!!!