Thursday, May 14, 2009

Grocery Deals

Just a quick posting on General Mills Cereal: at Price Chopper this week GM Cereal is 5/$10. Now, I just got back from Price Chopper and their selection STINKS! So, I looked at the ad and it says "selected varieties"...I LOVE it when it says that. Go to Price Chopper, get their ad, and take it to Walmart to have them price match on the cereal. There is also a coupon for $1 off of 3 boxes of cereal from the May 3rd paper, making each box $1.67. Time to stock up people! :) I ordered several of these coupons from Coupons by Dede and I know they have plenty left...but order them today so you can get them before the sale ends!

There were a lot of other great deals at Price Chopper today, and as soon as I get a minute I'll write them down.


Homemom3 said...

Can you name some of the ones that were selected? I have coupons for the following: $1/3, .50 off honey Kix and .75 on banana nut cheerios.

Sara said...

None of those cereals were on sale. There were literally 3 cereals on sale when we went today: Multi Grain Cheerios, Chocolate Lucky Charms...and I can't even remember the other one. You're best bet is to go to Walmart to get it price-matched.