Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Okay, I don't want to seem like I am totally obsessed with coupons (even though that is not far from the truth), but they are just the sensible thing to take with you shopping. You'd be crazy to not use coupons to save money...even if it is just .35 all adds up.

Although this posting is on coupons, it is NOT on Sunday paper coupons. I realize that getting the Sunday paper is not in the cards for everyone. So, I am going to pass along another trick of the trade that I know. I NEVER go shopping for anything until I have done a google search for coupons. I even have Todd getting in on the fun of coupon searching. Here is just one example: I knew that I wanted to get Todd a pair of jeans for Christmas. So, I did a google search for Banana Republic coupons and found a 25% off coupon. That combined with their sale made Todd's Christmas jeans only $25, instead of the $60 they normally are.

This idea holds true for everything from groceries (try The Coupon Mom for great grocery coupons), to clothes, to oil changes, to restaurants. You may or may not find the exact coupon that you need, but at least you tried. It is a good habit to get into...unlike my eating BBQ potato chip habit that I have tried and failed to quit...but that's a topic for some other blog! :)

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