Monday, January 12, 2009

Here's How It's Done

Okay, I just put together my grocery list for tomorrow. I usually do not get THIS detailed, but I wanted to show you all how easy it is to save some serious dough. Tomorrow (Tuesday) I am going to go to Hen House. I really love Hen House because they tend to have great sales AND they always do double coupons. They will double your coupons up to .50 cent value, taking up to $1 off of whatever you are purchasing. I love it. My list will also show you that Aldi isn't always the cheapest place to buy your food.

  • Best Choice Shredded Cheese $1.36 x 10 = 13.60 (I have NEVER seen cheese this low!)
  • Best Choice Diced Tomatoes .39 x 20 = 7.80
  • Best Choice Pinto and Kidney Beans .39 x 20 = 7.80
  • Juicy Juice 8 pack 2/$3 + .50 cpn doubled = 2/$2
  • Red Baron Pizza (great for nights I don't want to cook) 3/$10 or $3.33 per box. I will buy 2 for $6.66 + $1 off cpn = 2/$5.66 (Again, I've never seen it at this price!)
  • Special K Cereal 2/$5 + $1 off cpn = 2/$4 AND when you buy 2 boxes of cereal, you get $2 off of any size or flavor of milk you choose. So...
  • Roberts 1% Gallon Milk, $3.55 + $2 off, + .50 cpn doubled = $.55 cents...for a gallon of milk!
  • Aero Cool Whip (for the pudding lovers in my house) 1.97 + .50 cpn doubled = .97
  • Cottonelle 18-pack Toilet Paper $9.97 + .50 cpn doubled = 8.97
  • Viva Big Roll Paper Towels $1.86 + .35 cpn doubled = $1.16
That brings my total bill to $52.76 before taxes. Just for kicks and giggles, I added up what it would be without sales and coupons and the total came to a whopping $104.85!!!

See, easy-breezy. Happy shopping! :)

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Amy said...

Ok Sara, so I hope you are going back and checking your comments cuz I have a few questions. This is something that I have always wanted to do and tried a couple of times, but I need help. First question, does Hen House do double coupons everyday or just certain days and do you have to ask or do they just double them automatically. Second question, do you know the sales because you look thru the weekly ad or do you use something else like "The coupon mom" websites. These may be really basic questions but when I say I need help I really do. By the way I love your blog it is my new fav. Amy Peterson