Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Emergency Preparedness Tip

This past weekend Todd and I went to Marshalls. I wanted to see if they had any of their winter items on clearance. We needed a few more things for our 72-hour kits. I was able to get nice winter hats for my boys for only $3 a piece. (I had to buy them adult sized hats because they have seriously huge noggins!)

Here are some things that I would suggest you look for now that the stores are clearancing out their winter items to make way for their summer stock:


You need a pair of each of these for every member of your family. Next month I am going to be focusing a lot of my energy on getting my family prepared for tornado season, and part of that is updating our 72-hour kits. Plan on lots of blog postings regarding this in the next week or so. :)

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Heidi said...

I'm loving your blog! I'll link to it so I can get MORE prepared.

PS Big Lots has big Quaker Oatmeal canisters for $2 each. Sean is an oatmeal fiend so I stocked up!