Saturday, January 24, 2009

Grocery Spoils

I was so excited today to open up my mailbox and see that my coupons had come. Yea! I really do love to grocery shop and have been waiting all week for those babies. So, tonight I packed up the kids and the hubby and we went to Hen House. Todd could not believe how much I saved and I had to share.

Tonight I purchased:
-10 cartons of Quaker oatmeal
-5 boxes of instant Quaker oatmeal
-3 boxes of Quaker oatmeal squares cereal (plus I got a raincheck for 2 more)
-2 bottles of Aunt Jemima syrup
-2 lbs of fresh chicken breast
-3 packages of Ziplock containers
-Produce: 2 limes, garlic, ginger root, and cilantro

My grand total was $14.28!!! A savings of $67.83 or 85% off. I love it. Now, I did spend $2 on coupons...but I think the investment was worth it.

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