Sunday, January 18, 2009

Proctor and Gamble Coupons

Proctor and Gamble (P&G) frequently has coupons booklets in the Sunday paper. Today in their booklet, they have a mail-in form where you can get $120 worth of coupons. Getting these coupons is easy: all you have to do is spend $50 in P&G products and mail in your receipts and they will mail you out their coupons. Now, I have to say that my favorite coupon booklet is always the P&G Saver. I love all of their products. You can go to the Proctor and Gamble website to see a list of all of their products...they include, Tide, Tampax, Cascade, Crest, Gillette, Charmin, and Herbal Essence just to name a scant few. I guarantee you will probably spend more than $50 on them before their deadline anyway. This Sunday paper had 3 coupons booklets in it, so you might as well go and get a copy or two regardless of this promotion. I for one will be cashing in on this coupon deal!

  • You must make your purchases BEFORE January 31st and have it postmarked by February 14th.

(p.s. I promise to spend more time on things OTHER than coupons, but apparently I have deemed this month "coupon month" with all that I have posted on them! Sheesh! Can you tell I love coupons?) :)

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