Friday, January 30, 2009

Non-Essential Necessities

There is nothing like actually being in an "emergency" type situation to realize the things you are missing. Last year, Todd and I noticed several items we wished we had had in our basement during all the tornado warnings. Here are some minor items that we now keep in our cozy little basement:

*Toys-we keep a little box of toys and books for the kiddos
*DVD player-we charge our little DVD player that usually resides in our car in the basement so the kids can watch a show instead of running around like crazy people
*Treats-for the kids (man those kids require a lot!) :)
*Pillows and blankets
*Camping chairs


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the variety at ?

They have dried foods, plus canned meats, cheese and butter.

Best regards,


Sara said...

Thanks for the tip Donald! I will check them out.